HoReCa work shop, Milan 1024 683 OLGA NAIDA design buro

HoReCa work shop, Milan

I really like working on public interiors, namely restaurants. Milan is the undisputed leader in the design industry. And when I was offered to study at the HoReCa course in Milan, I gladly agreed! The course teachers are well-known Italian practicing designers and architects. A rich program, different views on project creation, experience and findings from fans of their craft.

  • 40 hours of lectures;
  • 8 hours a day;
  • 11 speakers;
  • development of the Vegan Burger concept;
  • Successful Italian architects — Andrea Langhi, Maurizio Favetta, Matteo Fiore, Marco Donatti, Massimo Duroni, Armando Bruno, Nisi Magnini, Anna Kolomiets and others;
  • conversations about the impact of the concept of the establishment on the client, the importance of lighting, modern materials, features of hotel design, restaurants that bring in money… and many other things.
  • Участь у зустрічі «Підсумки iSaloni 2018» 1024 683 OLGA NAIDA design buro
  • iSaloni exhibition in Milan, April 17-22, 2018 1024 683 OLGA NAIDA design buro