Copenhagen, September 20-26, 2017 1024 683 OLGA NAIDA design buro

Copenhagen, September 20-26, 2017

For me, Denmark is a trendsetter in modern architecture and design. Danish designers have great taste themselves, but they are not afraid to collaborate with other unique designers.

The most striking example of this is the design items made by Jaime Ayon for & traditional.

Arne Jacobsen successfully combined the ideals of modernism with northern naturalism, and I feel these trends in modern design. The Danes are proud of him and call him the most famous representative of Scandinavian design.

I was impressed by the unique work with color by Montana. Milkshakes, jellyfish and mint green beige were used in the color scheme. The painted stripes follow the panels, adding fun and playfulness to the classic architectural details.

I would like to end with the words of Arne Jacobsen:

«Being an architect is a constant work: ideas do not appear like a rabbit out of a hat.»

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