Decorating master class 1024 683 OLGA NAIDA design buro

Decorating master class

On March 20, we held a master class on decorating. Decor is a very important element in creating an interior. It fills it with colors and emotions. It is no…

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Group «Start», floristics lesson 1024 683 OLGA NAIDA design buro

Group «Start», floristics lesson

Classes of the «Start» group on floristry, taught by Yulia Samokhina, owner of The Difference salon.

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Group “Start”, textile lesson 1024 676 OLGA NAIDA design buro

Group “Start”, textile lesson

Classes of the Start group on the harmonious use of textiles in the interior. We visited the DuosTextile textile salon, where we were told and demonstrated a lot of useful…

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